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About Us

Our Expectations


Our guild is focused on maintaining a toxic-free and mature environment for everyone to enjoy!


We expect the following from all members:


  • Be nice and use common sense.
  • If you are a part of the raid, it is expected that you take it serious and do not waste the raid's time.
  • The Loot Council is transparent, and it should not be discussed during raiding. Do it before, or after the raid with an Officer.
  • No drama allowed! If you need to discuss, keep it to personal messages, and never in the public guild channels.
  • Obvious hatred or similar leads to explusion from the Guild.


The Three Strikes Rule:


The rules of the guild must be followed. If a rule is broken, you get a strike. If you reach three strikes, you're out. If you break enough rules, you might get a full 3-strike penalty and be expelled from the guild.

Managing a guild is not always fun, but it is necessary to have these rules to ensure we all have fun in a healthy environment.


The Rules:


  • If you commit to something, do it! If you are unable, tell someone.
  • No verbal abuse or toxic behavior in any guild channel.
  • No loot drama. We take fairness and transparency very seriously. If you have any concerns, talk to the leadership.


Any concerns or similar should and will be taken seriously by the leadership. Bring them to the leadership the appropriate setting (private message, channel, etc.).