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About Us

Den Danske Metode


Hiya! Den Danske Metode is a mature (as much as we can be) Alliance, mainly PVE focused guild, based out of Denmark (GMT+1). Our goal is to work toward raiding progression as both a raid team, and have a few laughs on the way. We reside on the Firemaw PVP server in Classic WoW!


Member Expectations


As we prepare for the Classic WoW Launch, we are looking for new, mainly Danish-speaking, members to help us build our core. If you wish to be a PVP'er, Raider, or Social member we have a few requirements.
The main requirements to joining the guild are:

  • Active participation, being on Discord, the Guild Chat, or somewhere else
  • A positive and mature attitude
  • A desire to have fun with your guild members
  • A desire to progress


Raid Schedule


We use a transparent type of Loot Council. Further information about loot distribution can be found on the following page: Loot System Guide.


What's next


If this sounds interesting, please join use via Discord to proceed!


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