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Stress test and Server selection

Troels / Aug 10, 2019 / General
Stress test
Thanks to all the guildies who was a part of the final stress test before launch!

The screenshot is from a guildrun to RFC, where we managed to clear all bosses, even though we had our Guild Master bring a lvl 9 warrior aka punching bag 😬

We managed to create our guild on the Gehennas Test Server, and also get a tabard showing our beautiful white/red colours!

We are very excited to play with all of you on launch at the 27th 😀

Server selection
Servers are out!
See the blizzard post on the european forums here.

We will be selecting either the Shazzrah or Golemagg realms, so stay tuned on the Facebook Group, The Discord, or in here 😀


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